Washington, DC – Amnesty protest rally


As you may already know, I attended a rally in DC on Wednesday, June 19, 2013, to protest the upcoming Amnesty bill. I wanted to share my thoughts and my experiences with those who weren’t fortunate enough to be able to attend.  In the space of two short days, I saw both the best and worst behavior in terms of how human beings treat one another.  It really was an amazing experience in several ways.

First, I attended the rally with someone who I met five minutes before we got in the car to make the ten hour drive!  Ellen and I had become Facebook friends, thru mutual friends, but had not actually met in person.  Last week, we had made plans to meet for the first time over lunch and that meeting was scheduled for Wednesday, June 19.  On Tuesday morning, the day before we were to meet, on a whim I sent her a FB message and asked her how she felt about doing our “lunch” in Washington, DC to attend the rally!  She said yes, and we made plans to head out.  She told me that she had been praying to find a way to attend the rally, and was shocked when I asked her if she wanted to do lunch in DC!  I was an answer to her prayer – how cool is that??

My new friend has had some really awesome, as well as very tragic, events in her life.  She is a caretaker for her elderly mother, who requires almost constant care.  She is rarely able to leave the house, so I know this trip came at a cost to her, her mom, and her sister who stepped in to help, so that we could go to our nation’s capitol to make our feelings known.  She quit her job several years ago to care for her mother, and does so with kindness, grace and an amazing up-beat spirit!  I was quite simply in awe of her and feel honored to know her – I have surely made a new friend.

We arrived at the rally around 11AM, and stayed until 5PM.  We were both very excited about hearing the scheduled speakers, including Glenn Beck.  Sadly, we did not know that the rally had been split into two rallies, though I’m not certain why.  So, we were on one side of the Capitol building, and Glenn Beck and the other half of the crowd was on the other.  After I got home, and watched some of the news coverage, I learned that we would not have been permitted by the Capitol police to walk to the other side of the Capitol to attend the rally, even if we had known it was there.  It was a peaceful rally, there were no threats – just like minded God fearing people, who wished to oppose oppressive government legislation.  Yet, we were denied access to the other rally and missed the larger crowd, and many of the speakers.  Some of the speakers also attended the rally on our side of the building, but not all of them.  We were inspired by the speakers that we were able to hear, as well as the enthusiasm of the crowd.  We know that, even though we did not get to hear all of the speakers, we did the right thing in standing up for what we believe is right.  We toured the Library of Congress and the Capitol building itself.  I could have spent hours in the Library of Congress alone!  I had only been to DC once, with my first husband about thirty years ago – a drive thru trip where we did not get out of the car.

After the rally was over, we were going to join Ellen’s cousin John for dinner.  As we were walking to the Metro to go meet up for dinner, my sneaker was feeling kind of strange.  As I got on the escalator, the entire bottom of the sneaker where it was glued on, came unglued and was hanging by a thread at the toe of the shoe.  You should have seen me dragging my leg along with me, Uncle Fester style – it really was quite hilarious!  We had intended to go change out of our rally clothes, but after I had the blowout of my shoe and could not walk, Ellen’s cousin had to come and get us and we ran out of time to change our clothes.  That fact changed the course of the evening, since Ellen’s cousin John had also invited another of their cousin’s and her husband to join us for dinner.  Her other cousins are both attorneys in DC, and one of them works at the Rosen Law Firm, where Hillary Clinton once practiced law.  There is little doubt that her cousins, except for John who is a Conservative, found my attire both offensive and more than likely, embarrassing.  As soon as we had placed our order, I left the table to go wash my hands and was accosted and verbally attacked by two women in the restaurant, who were clearly outraged over my shirt.  I was accused by them of “spewing hate”, because of my shirt.  One of the women then noticed the cross that I almost always wear and she was shocked that I was wearing both the cross and the shirt.  I was dumbfounded, as I could not understand why she was talking about my cross and did not see the connection with my political message.  I still don’t.  However, these two went on to call me a hater and pretty much, a racist.  I told them that they do not know me, and they have zero clue what love I spew!  The “ladies” wanted to continue with their verbal attack, but I excused myself to finish what I had intended to do – go to the ladies’ room.  I bid them a good evening and walked away, still in shock over how I was treated – you just gotta love the kindness of spirit you get from Liberals!  Southern hospitality certainly does not exist in Washington, DC!  Freedom of speech and freedom of expression really ARE under attack in this nation!

As our dinner progressed, the conversation at the table got a bit contentious at times, as it was clear the attorneys are quite liberal and the other three of us at the table were conservatives.  I am fairly perceptive and I tend to read people well – I have been fascinated by the human condition and what makes people tick, for as long as I can remember.  I watch and I study; words, inflections, facial expressions, whether or not someone will make eye contact with me, and other nuances that others may not notice.  What I found from her two attorney cousins was condescension and very little eye contact.  I don’t know whether or not that was because we were clearly conservatives and did not agree politically, or if indeed my attire was an issue.  Had I known when we dressed in the morning for the rally that there would be people at the dinner who were not of like minds, I would not have even worn the shirt to the rally, as I would never have wanted to offend and/or embarrass anyone.  I will send thank you cards, along with an apology for my attire and for any offense they may have felt.

Now that I’ve had a little down time to analyze all that transpired during our trip, I really have to ask:  what is wrong with us as Americans?  Why are we allowing our civil rights to be trampled upon by our government?  I noticed that the Capitol police seemed, at a minimum, unfriendly and not very willing to help when we were asking questions.  Glenn Beck said he had felt the police there were almost hostile and that he’s never seen anything like it.  The Capitol police had also contacted the offices of the Congressmen who sponsored the rally, and left voicemails that basically said in what I would describe as a threatening manner, that they were to keep the crowds from the divided rally separate; that people were not permitted to walk from one side of the Capitol building to the other; they went on to say that if the crowds did not stay put, the Capitol police would take whatever action they deemed necessary.  Are we still in the United States of America?  The grounds upon which our Capitol and the very building itself, belong to We The People – all bought and paid for with your sweat and mine, thru our tax dollars.  The police had no legitimate right to splinter our group, and they had no right to refuse us entry onto public grounds.

Since every single decision that is made in Washington, DC is politically motivated, I have to wonder why the crowd and the rally were divided into two.  My answer is that I believe they thought they could manipulate the crowd size by splitting the crowd into two smaller groups.  That way, they would have the ability to show a reduced crowd size in the media, if all of the people were not in the same photos. I can think of no other reason to split the rally and the crowds.  Additionally, we had nothing to eat all day.  Ellen’s cousin John thought that was odd, because he says there are street vendors and food trucks all over the place around the Capitol – he works very close to the Capitol building.  Hmmm…. – another way to target the Tea Party to make us uncomfortable?  I don’t know, but there was no place close by where we could get a bite to eat.  There also were no port-a-potties on the grounds, which made attending the rally a bit more uncomfortable for the attendees.

Our civil rights are being violated by our own government and it is time for all Americans to stand and say no!  Not thru protest, nor thru violence, but thru knowing what your God given and Constitutional rights are and gently, but firmly refusing to be told to stand down!  Why should a six year old child be removed from a classroom for making the shape of a gun with his teeth as he eats a Poptart?  Why should a fourteen year old be facing a year in jail for refusing to remove his T-shirt?  Why were the attendees of the rally prevented from entering public grounds?  What has happened to us?  Why are we allowing this?  It is time for us all to realize that the size and scope of our government has grown way beyond what the founders ever intended – we now have 3.84 MILLION Federal employees!  Our government’s primary job is to support our laws and the Constitution, and to protect our borders – they are doing neither, and are instead overreaching into areas of our lives where they simply do not have any business.  Know the Constitution and know what your rights are – and when your rights are being violated, it is time to say, No, I will NOT comply!!

Finally, the reason for the rally – amnesty.  There is no other word for it – and it is wrong.  We are almost $17 TRILLION in debt, with that number growing substantially every day.  We do not have the money to support eleven million people – the CBO estimates that it will cost approximately $584,000 per new immigrant!  Our immigration system is NOT broken, in spite of what you hear.  We LEGALLY admit more people to this country each year than all other countries in the world – COMBINED!!  Why should people who have broken our laws be given a special pathway to citizenship, when so many who have done things legally, are still waiting?  That is not fair to those who have done it the right way.  And guess what?  That is almost ALL of us, who’s parents or grandparents immigrated here from some other country.  Other than native Americans, we ALL came from somewhere else and were not given special rights.  This amnesty bill is not about what is right – and it is not about kindness to the illegals who are already here.  It is about votes for the Democrat party – period.  We already have laws in place for immigration and for deportation, but they are not being followed.  Yet, we are to believe that if another law is passed, we will wake up the next day and suddenly, our government will enforce the new law?  Why on earth would we believe that?  I certainly don’t.  We passed a law in 2006 to build a 600 mile fence – has that been completed?  No, it has not.  We have finished 36 miles, even though the President told us during the 2012 debates that it was 95% completed.  And we have ALREADY paid for that fence to be constructed!  Under no circumstances should this amnesty bill be passed.  Please, contact your congressmen to let them know that we demand our existing laws be enforced and to demand that no new amnesty law is passed.  Your children and grandchildren’s futures depend upon it.

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